Llandough Stroke Unit (East 3) Who's Who

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Dr Susan White
Dr Shakeel Ahmad
Secretaries to Dr Susan White
Tel: 029 2071 6859 / 5633
Ward Doctor
The ward doctor is based on the ward from Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm.  Outside these hours there is an on-call dctor based in the Medical Emergency Assessment Unit (MEAU).
Ward Pharmacist
The Pharmacist visits the ward daily (except weekends) to review medicines.
A patient may need to be referred to a Psychologist by a member of the Multidisciplinary Team.
Physiotherapists are available Monday - Friday 8:30 - 16:30 (excluding Bank Holidays). Individual assessments will take place within 24 hrs if you are admitted from Monday - Friday. Patients will have an individual physiotherapy regime specifically tailored to suit their needs with the aim of increasing, strength, stamina and mobility.
Occupational Therapist
Therapy is available from 8:30 - 16:30 Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). The OT will assess patient skills in washing, dressing and cooking etc before they leave hospital. The OT may suggest and arrange for some alterations to a patient's home before discharge e.g. rails on the stairs, raised toilet seat etc.
Speech And Language Therapist
If a patient has difficulty in communicating and / or swallowing food or drink, they can be referred to a Speech and Language Therapist by any member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team.
Referrals to the Dietitian can be made by any member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 hours. The Dietitian is also available to discuss any dietary problems the patient may be experiencing.
Social Worker
If a patient already has a Social Worker when transferred to East 3, contact will be made by the Nursing Staff. If the patient requests a Social Worker, a referral will be made by the patients Named Nurse. The Social Worker may attend a Multi-Disciplinary Meeting to discuss issues in preparation for patient safe discharge whether this is to patients own home or Residential / Nursing Home.
On admission patients will be allocated a nurse who will coordinate their rehabilitation programme. She will be responsible for planning and implementing all nursing needs during patient stay. This nurse is a patient's ‘Named Nurse’
Liaison Nurses
Medical Rehabilitation Liaison (UHL)
Based oncall landing Llandough Hospital
Ward Co-ordinators
Ward Co-ordinators are often the first point of contact for both staff and visitors to the ward.  They welcome patients, visitors and relatives, and ensure tasks are carried out and messages taken where necessary for other staff members. They play an integral role in the daily running of the ward and are responsible for all administrative tasks including answering telephone queries and maintaining accurate and up to date records.
How To Identify Nurses On The Ward
Ward and Deputy Ward Sisters - Navy Blue Uniform
Qualified Nurses - White Uniform with Pale Blue or Turquoise Epaulettes
Unqualified Nurses - White Uniform with Dark Green Epaulettes
Student Nurses - White Uniform with Yellow Epaulettes
Trained Nurse giving out Medications - Red Tabard

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Last updated: 09 December 2013